Saturday, December 1, 2012

Searching NP, EOK, etc for you ...

I walked from C-block park down Jamrudpur and took a round of the park opposite LSR. From there i crossed the road and walked on that side. Somewhere there I took the road in and walked through quite a bit of EOK. Then I walked on towards Nehru Place. Before Nehru Place, just after the crossing, there's some green you can see below the NP metro. I walked in there and saw that there was a route going deeper. This route unexpectedly led to more parks or just grassy stretches. It's all one big, shapeless, unstructured park going all the way to ISCKON. It's quite a long walk and I went around it.  

Then i came out at the same place near the crossing and walked on the side of Kailash Apartments, cutting into Kailash Colony Market and then coming through C-block to the park where I had parked the old grey Zen.  

Still no sign of you. Where are you, little Gabbar? How could you just vanish like that. All of a sudden. If only i had some hint, some sign of where you are. Next stop probably is GK-2.

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