Monday, December 3, 2012

Searched South Ext, Andrews Ganj etc

Today morning, i went through a lot of South Extension. Both sides. Finally, on the other side, i landed in Kotla, and so went through there too -- but only the main lane of Kotla. Seemed like a maze. Then I went around the Def Colony market.  

In the afternoon, I drove through Andres Ganj and Sadiq Nagar and walked through some of it too. On the way back from the AG Safal store through AG, on the right is a large garden/park along what looks like some college (red brick kind of). I think this is behind the Ansal Plaza. It said Hudco Udyan in several places.

I seem to have gone broadly through all areas, colonies and markets. It's impossible to do a detailed search since there are too many lanes criss-crossing, too many bastis/slums etc. 

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