Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Searching for you in LN-IV

Opposite to Bluebells School is a road that leads into some colony called National Park. I walked down that road. It led me to Lajpat Nagar IV. I took a left to (I think) Amar Colony. I trudged around there. Then after a while of going left and right reached the road going to NHI. There I turned back and walked all the way to Ring Road. Took the turn around where Vikram Hotel is. There's a Vikram Nagar there. From there I walked back and came around some dispensary (peeked in), past Frank Anthony School. A man was feeding some pups outside a house (oppo the Moolchand metro station) before the dispensary.

Everywhere during these daily searches I keep thinking or imagining that I come upon you, you come running up to me, and I pick you up and carry you back to a rickshaw and bring you back. I dream of our reunion, beloved Gabbar. What a day that will be .. if it doesn't happen in this life it will happen beyond, as I've promised you. Always, we will be together once these bodies fall off.

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