Monday, December 24, 2012

Searched NP, Chiragh Dilli and Sheikh Sarai

Yesterday I went again to the Nehru place area. Met a man inside the park who feed a large number of dogs in the park.

Today I decided to look in the area opposite to Panchsheel. This was Chirag Dillli. Too large a place to walk through, too many lanes etc since its yet another market area. But could not have driven through the lanes either. It's so easy for you to get lost here and I would never be able to find you. Then i drove around the Sarai area past an Apeejay School.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Searching resumed

I've been searching again since the last couple days. Today, I once again checked out the parks behind the BRT corridor and the large DDA Panchsheel park. Yesterday, I got my care fixed in the afternoon, and before that it was the forest behind our house.

I am just beginning to wonder that someone might have picked you up and taken you with them. There is a male dog just like you in the BRT park, near the entrance. Stockier and a male, was barking at me quite a bit. His ears also fall down like yours.

I've become a little withdrawn from the other three dear ones of late. EIther it is the pain of losing you, or maybe the fact that there are complaints of them barking a lot at night. I am hoping a little less affection might make them less possessive/defensive. Also their barking at people and chasing -- I am hoping to reduce it. I go to feed them at almost 11pm, i don't play with them in the evening as that makes them bark at people a lot. After feeding them I take them to the Mandir Park so they can run around a bit and tire out. How you would have loved sprinting around with Sher Singh in the park.

I will never forget you little one.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Temporary suspension

Beloved little one,

I've been sick for a few days. Been bedridden, was unable to continue the search.

Am still hoping you will find your way back to me, or me to you.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Searched Masjid Moth area

In the morning, I walked through the Archana Cinema complex, then the park, and then the back road of B block that runs parallel to the main road.

In the afternoon, I parked outside R-block and walked to the road between GK-1 and GK-2 (Ho Chi Minh Marg, i think), i walked on the side of the road past TCIL and the other buildings and complexes. I could not go in, you could have run in there. I will have to put some posters outside these complexes. There was even some forest area that was inaccessible. I don't know how I will check that. Then the Masjid Moth area comes. Again I did not go in. Will put posters outside. I walked around the bend and came all the way to Krishi Vihar where i walked in a bit. I put some posters on a lamp-post outside the entrance, and some back near the TCIL and other buildings. I had only 3 with me. I then came back, coming through the GK enclave service lane.

I guess the only hope i have is to put posters on that road, and other places and hope for some response. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Searched Andrews Ganj and SE

Today was a wet day. I first checked the C-block Gurdwara. I checked the black dog I had seen last time. I confirmed that it was a male. I just kept standing and looking and whistling hoping it would suddenly be you, even though it was a male.

Then i drove to Andrews Ganj, near the nullah on the main road, and wandered around. Went into the Police Commisssioners Licensing Cell. Then walked around the area surrounding the nullah and the slum. Then walked to South Extension, crossing the road and walked around in the areas close to the main road.

One part of me knows you are no more. You probably did not survive that night. Another part is sure that we will be reunited. It just doesn't make sense any other way. I will keep looking for you beloved one. I will never give up hope.

Last night I came across an article that said a lost dog would not come running to its owner. It would be frightened, hungry, lost and on the run. It might even run from the owner or anyone approaching her. That is why I  went back to the Gurdwara to ascertain that it wasn't you. That means you would not react to the car horn either. I've sort of hoped you'd see me from some hiding place and come running out.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Searched the NP Park

I am no longer able to decide where to search for you. So today, I went back to that huge park opposite the R-block District Park, which is next to the Nehru Place metro. I had earlier done one round of it.

I was surprised to find that there was a huge part I had missed out. When one takes a right from the part which opens out to the ISKON temple, there is a path going further down (or up). As one goes down that path, (it actually goes up, iirc) its almost as if one is in a different world, or one has stepped back in time a few centuries. There are paths that are not paved, but are quite wide, and are lined with bushes. With the greenery around it, it's almost how paths and roads may have been ages ago. 

It goes past the Lotus Temple (which is on the right). I kept following that till it finally seemed to come to some government or municipal office which looked like it could have been in some remote region. And there was a broken exit into some colony or area. I retracted and then went around the Lotus Temple part and once again the path led to some exit. It was now paved at some parts which was disappointing.

(I had the PON audio on)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Searched Nehru Place and DDA Park

Sunday. I drove to Nehru Place before noon, took a round, and then walked through the place. It's quite large with a too many levels and an underground parking etc. I walked through the ground level areas. Just some hawkers in one place and some eateries open, otherwise mostly shut and not many cars. 

In the afternoon, i once again went to the DDA Park (Panchsheel) which I had earlier mis-identified as the Jahanpanna Park. This is the park next to DDA Squash and Badminton Club, oppo the Sama Hospital at the BRT corridor. I parked at Sadiq Nagar and walked through an alley. Way ahead I saw someone who looked just like you outside someone's house. Someone was bringing their dog out, and this dog was excited outside, same behaviour, same tail action etc. I thought it was you! But when i approached, the dog was older and had teats hanging, so had been spayed late. Rather plump dog.  

The DDA park was huge, there were many stray dogs there, so you could have come here. Last time, I did not walk through the whole park, thinking that you would not have stayed in such a desolate area. That section was desolate. Today, i found more populated parts, and a lot more dogs.  

When i came out, and was walking along the park, I looked across the road and there was another dog just like you, again i was sure it was you. I crossed over to the central divider/barricade. I looked at the dog and she looked back. But i could see the feet were slightly whiter. She stared back. I got over to the other side. She was a bit too white, but did stare at me and even growl. This was before some Hotel Forest Green. I put up some posters outside Nehru Place near the bus-stop. The posters I had put outside the DDA Park at the bus-stop had been taken off.

Will I ever find you, dear one? 

Or will you one day become a distant memory and fade away. Like everything else. Like all the pups of the previous litter who died one way or another. And like beloved Sheru and Dolby.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Searched Pamposh, Hemkunt, Chirag etc

Dear one,

Today I walked through each lane of Pamposh Enclave, Hemkunt Colony, Chiragh Enclave and GK Enclave. I reached the opposite side of Nehru Place, and thought maybe I should do a round of that place next week, preferably the day NP is closed.

Where are you? I can not believe that you are no more. That just cannot be.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Searched W and E block

Today, walked through each lane of W-block, then went through M-block market back lane to E-block and walked up and down each lane. That finally led me to Kailash Colony market, walked again through it. Finally walked back to the C-block park.

Outside the C-block Gurdwara there was a dog much like you, black tail, ears unclipped, but s/he did not recognize me. S/he was curled up sleeping. I stood there thinking my search was over! Finally i noticed that it was a male.  

I just cannot accept that you are no more. What happened? Did you get run over on Diwali night? 

Did I tell you that someone has hit your sister Sher on the eye. She hasn't been able to open her eye fully but it's getting better. She's barking away right now outside. She isn't eating bread nowadays, I have to get her to drink milk at night. It's been a severe winter this year. The cold started in November itself which hasn't happened in a long time. If you are alive, you must be starving and shivering somewhere.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Searched GK-2 and CR-Park again

I did another round of CR Park, one side I had not looked at earlier. That led me to GK-2 so i wandered around there. Came to the park near the market (around S-480 etc) and took a couple of round there. Then walked through the market and some of GK-2 near the park.

It is hard for me to believe you are still alive my dear one, but impossible for me to believe you could be gone from this world. I feel like Orpheus. What must be your state, dear one.  

On every street, at every turn I keep imagining that i find you and carry you back. You leap at me and hug me madly. Your sister Sher Singh is not eating, she has a little milk at night. So i go to the forest behind and feed that litter of pups. They are famished and attack my fingers like piranha.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Searching for you in LN-IV

Opposite to Bluebells School is a road that leads into some colony called National Park. I walked down that road. It led me to Lajpat Nagar IV. I took a left to (I think) Amar Colony. I trudged around there. Then after a while of going left and right reached the road going to NHI. There I turned back and walked all the way to Ring Road. Took the turn around where Vikram Hotel is. There's a Vikram Nagar there. From there I walked back and came around some dispensary (peeked in), past Frank Anthony School. A man was feeding some pups outside a house (oppo the Moolchand metro station) before the dispensary.

Everywhere during these daily searches I keep thinking or imagining that I come upon you, you come running up to me, and I pick you up and carry you back to a rickshaw and bring you back. I dream of our reunion, beloved Gabbar. What a day that will be .. if it doesn't happen in this life it will happen beyond, as I've promised you. Always, we will be together once these bodies fall off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Searched more of N Block and Jamrudpur

Today i thought i'd look more in Andrews Ganj where I was yesterday, but midway i changed my mind and parked at the C-block park. I walked through more lanes of and landed walking through Jamrudpur, then through N-block market and parts of the colony. Also once again did M-block market and the lanes behind it.

When i returned I found that your sister Sher Singh had one eye that was not opening. There was some fluid, so seems someone has hit her on the eye. Later she was barking at some workers going thru the gate, and he hit her with a large-ish rock. I had a talk with him -- but the usual "you can't trust an animal".

Dear Gabbar, I remember when you were small, around 3 months or less, you had a discharge from eyes all the time, I got an ointment from the vet and used to put that on your eyes for a few days. I was also remembering how whenever I'd approach you to play, you would immediately roll over feet up. 

Yesterday, while going around Defence Colony, I came upon a dog very much like you, but a male. He growled at me but then sniffed my hand and calmed down. He was lying sprawled on the center of the road just like you (or more so your sister) do. There was another one outside a meat shop on the main road of Kotla (facing Def Col) that has a white leg. I thought it was a bandage and came over, but it was a white leg.

There is one section behind the Jamrudpur market where there are banks and offices, must check that.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Searched South Ext, Andrews Ganj etc

Today morning, i went through a lot of South Extension. Both sides. Finally, on the other side, i landed in Kotla, and so went through there too -- but only the main lane of Kotla. Seemed like a maze. Then I went around the Def Colony market.  

In the afternoon, I drove through Andres Ganj and Sadiq Nagar and walked through some of it too. On the way back from the AG Safal store through AG, on the right is a large garden/park along what looks like some college (red brick kind of). I think this is behind the Ansal Plaza. It said Hudco Udyan in several places.

I seem to have gone broadly through all areas, colonies and markets. It's impossible to do a detailed search since there are too many lanes criss-crossing, too many bastis/slums etc. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Searched GK-II etc

Dearest Gabbar,

I don't know if you are even alive. Or where you are.

Today morning, I searched GK-2. From there I went to CR-Park, and after that I reached Kalkaji market and did some rounds there.On the way back I once again drove through M-block market and N-block market.  

In the afternoon  I couldn't decide where to look. Finally, i parked at R-block District park and walked through the blocks on the other side... C/J/H/E etc. Finally came back to R-block and walked through that and the district park.

It is more than 15 days since you vanished, dear one. I wonder how you are. Are you safe, are you getting food. Are you still running about or have your found some place, or someone to care for you. Are you distraught? I can't imagine why you are being punished in this manner. You loved me so much. 

How must you be !!

Your sister, Sher Singh ji, hardly eats nowadays. In the mornings she won't even look at food or milk. So in the mornings I go to the nearby forest and give some food to the little litter there.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Searching NP, EOK, etc for you ...

I walked from C-block park down Jamrudpur and took a round of the park opposite LSR. From there i crossed the road and walked on that side. Somewhere there I took the road in and walked through quite a bit of EOK. Then I walked on towards Nehru Place. Before Nehru Place, just after the crossing, there's some green you can see below the NP metro. I walked in there and saw that there was a route going deeper. This route unexpectedly led to more parks or just grassy stretches. It's all one big, shapeless, unstructured park going all the way to ISCKON. It's quite a long walk and I went around it.  

Then i came out at the same place near the crossing and walked on the side of Kailash Apartments, cutting into Kailash Colony Market and then coming through C-block to the park where I had parked the old grey Zen.  

Still no sign of you. Where are you, little Gabbar? How could you just vanish like that. All of a sudden. If only i had some hint, some sign of where you are. Next stop probably is GK-2.