Sunday, December 9, 2012

Searched Nehru Place and DDA Park

Sunday. I drove to Nehru Place before noon, took a round, and then walked through the place. It's quite large with a too many levels and an underground parking etc. I walked through the ground level areas. Just some hawkers in one place and some eateries open, otherwise mostly shut and not many cars. 

In the afternoon, i once again went to the DDA Park (Panchsheel) which I had earlier mis-identified as the Jahanpanna Park. This is the park next to DDA Squash and Badminton Club, oppo the Sama Hospital at the BRT corridor. I parked at Sadiq Nagar and walked through an alley. Way ahead I saw someone who looked just like you outside someone's house. Someone was bringing their dog out, and this dog was excited outside, same behaviour, same tail action etc. I thought it was you! But when i approached, the dog was older and had teats hanging, so had been spayed late. Rather plump dog.  

The DDA park was huge, there were many stray dogs there, so you could have come here. Last time, I did not walk through the whole park, thinking that you would not have stayed in such a desolate area. That section was desolate. Today, i found more populated parts, and a lot more dogs.  

When i came out, and was walking along the park, I looked across the road and there was another dog just like you, again i was sure it was you. I crossed over to the central divider/barricade. I looked at the dog and she looked back. But i could see the feet were slightly whiter. She stared back. I got over to the other side. She was a bit too white, but did stare at me and even growl. This was before some Hotel Forest Green. I put up some posters outside Nehru Place near the bus-stop. The posters I had put outside the DDA Park at the bus-stop had been taken off.

Will I ever find you, dear one? 

Or will you one day become a distant memory and fade away. Like everything else. Like all the pups of the previous litter who died one way or another. And like beloved Sheru and Dolby.

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