Thursday, December 13, 2012

Searched Masjid Moth area

In the morning, I walked through the Archana Cinema complex, then the park, and then the back road of B block that runs parallel to the main road.

In the afternoon, I parked outside R-block and walked to the road between GK-1 and GK-2 (Ho Chi Minh Marg, i think), i walked on the side of the road past TCIL and the other buildings and complexes. I could not go in, you could have run in there. I will have to put some posters outside these complexes. There was even some forest area that was inaccessible. I don't know how I will check that. Then the Masjid Moth area comes. Again I did not go in. Will put posters outside. I walked around the bend and came all the way to Krishi Vihar where i walked in a bit. I put some posters on a lamp-post outside the entrance, and some back near the TCIL and other buildings. I had only 3 with me. I then came back, coming through the GK enclave service lane.

I guess the only hope i have is to put posters on that road, and other places and hope for some response. 

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