This is a blog regarding my little one-year old black (and tan) dog (d.o.b Nov 6, 2011) who ran away on Diwali night (2012) from S-Block GK-1, New Delhi. She was terrified by the crackers and was mostly hiding inside a drain-pipe nearby on Choti Diwali (day previous to Diwali).

She may have run down the road towards M-block, C-block or R-block. And then further. By 11 pm the gates shut so she could not have come back. She would have just kept running all night, on the main roads, most likely chased by dogs.

Alternatively, she could have fallen into the nullah behind GK-I, and waded some distance and come out into the large Krishi Vihar Park, or the BRT corridor road near Archana Cinema, or even crossed the road into Panchsheel.

By now (25th November), she'd most likely be mauled, and starved. I am hoping someone might call up MCD or report her to Frendicoes or Animal India Trust and that might lead to me. She was spayed at Maxvets (GK-I) when she was about 5 months. However, her ears have not been cut.

She has a black tail with a black tip. There are plenty of dogs looking just like her. Most usually have a white tipped tail. Some have white nails, iirc her nails are black, or mostly black. (I was checking her sister yesterday) and her sister has some white and some dark nails). She is friendly and affectionate, most similar looking strays I see don't respond to a whistle or a human showing interest.

Her name is Gabbar Singh, however she doesn't respond to it. She mostly would respond to "Yeh Le" (take this).

Please see the first post of this blog for more basic info. The rest of this blog is just about my search for her.

The original three musketeers:
One of them, the most aggressive, got run over on Jan 25th 2011, at two and a half months. That was the day I was proudly telling everyone how she was snatching bones from her mother's mouth. The one at the bottom, i think, is Gabbar who is missing. The one on the left with the white-tipped tail is Sher Singh who is the only one left now.

Sher Singh ji and Gabbar Singh ji teasing their bade bhaiya Raja.

Sherlock Holmes and his two understudies looking for evidence:

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