Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Searched more of N Block and Jamrudpur

Today i thought i'd look more in Andrews Ganj where I was yesterday, but midway i changed my mind and parked at the C-block park. I walked through more lanes of and landed walking through Jamrudpur, then through N-block market and parts of the colony. Also once again did M-block market and the lanes behind it.

When i returned I found that your sister Sher Singh had one eye that was not opening. There was some fluid, so seems someone has hit her on the eye. Later she was barking at some workers going thru the gate, and he hit her with a large-ish rock. I had a talk with him -- but the usual "you can't trust an animal".

Dear Gabbar, I remember when you were small, around 3 months or less, you had a discharge from eyes all the time, I got an ointment from the vet and used to put that on your eyes for a few days. I was also remembering how whenever I'd approach you to play, you would immediately roll over feet up. 

Yesterday, while going around Defence Colony, I came upon a dog very much like you, but a male. He growled at me but then sniffed my hand and calmed down. He was lying sprawled on the center of the road just like you (or more so your sister) do. There was another one outside a meat shop on the main road of Kotla (facing Def Col) that has a white leg. I thought it was a bandage and came over, but it was a white leg.

There is one section behind the Jamrudpur market where there are banks and offices, must check that.

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