Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Searched Andrews Ganj and SE

Today was a wet day. I first checked the C-block Gurdwara. I checked the black dog I had seen last time. I confirmed that it was a male. I just kept standing and looking and whistling hoping it would suddenly be you, even though it was a male.

Then i drove to Andrews Ganj, near the nullah on the main road, and wandered around. Went into the Police Commisssioners Licensing Cell. Then walked around the area surrounding the nullah and the slum. Then walked to South Extension, crossing the road and walked around in the areas close to the main road.

One part of me knows you are no more. You probably did not survive that night. Another part is sure that we will be reunited. It just doesn't make sense any other way. I will keep looking for you beloved one. I will never give up hope.

Last night I came across an article that said a lost dog would not come running to its owner. It would be frightened, hungry, lost and on the run. It might even run from the owner or anyone approaching her. That is why I  went back to the Gurdwara to ascertain that it wasn't you. That means you would not react to the car horn either. I've sort of hoped you'd see me from some hiding place and come running out.

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