Sunday, December 2, 2012

Searched GK-II etc

Dearest Gabbar,

I don't know if you are even alive. Or where you are.

Today morning, I searched GK-2. From there I went to CR-Park, and after that I reached Kalkaji market and did some rounds there.On the way back I once again drove through M-block market and N-block market.  

In the afternoon  I couldn't decide where to look. Finally, i parked at R-block District park and walked through the blocks on the other side... C/J/H/E etc. Finally came back to R-block and walked through that and the district park.

It is more than 15 days since you vanished, dear one. I wonder how you are. Are you safe, are you getting food. Are you still running about or have your found some place, or someone to care for you. Are you distraught? I can't imagine why you are being punished in this manner. You loved me so much. 

How must you be !!

Your sister, Sher Singh ji, hardly eats nowadays. In the mornings she won't even look at food or milk. So in the mornings I go to the nearby forest and give some food to the little litter there.

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