Friday, December 21, 2012

Searching resumed

I've been searching again since the last couple days. Today, I once again checked out the parks behind the BRT corridor and the large DDA Panchsheel park. Yesterday, I got my care fixed in the afternoon, and before that it was the forest behind our house.

I am just beginning to wonder that someone might have picked you up and taken you with them. There is a male dog just like you in the BRT park, near the entrance. Stockier and a male, was barking at me quite a bit. His ears also fall down like yours.

I've become a little withdrawn from the other three dear ones of late. EIther it is the pain of losing you, or maybe the fact that there are complaints of them barking a lot at night. I am hoping a little less affection might make them less possessive/defensive. Also their barking at people and chasing -- I am hoping to reduce it. I go to feed them at almost 11pm, i don't play with them in the evening as that makes them bark at people a lot. After feeding them I take them to the Mandir Park so they can run around a bit and tire out. How you would have loved sprinting around with Sher Singh in the park.

I will never forget you little one.

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