Friday, December 7, 2012

Searched W and E block

Today, walked through each lane of W-block, then went through M-block market back lane to E-block and walked up and down each lane. That finally led me to Kailash Colony market, walked again through it. Finally walked back to the C-block park.

Outside the C-block Gurdwara there was a dog much like you, black tail, ears unclipped, but s/he did not recognize me. S/he was curled up sleeping. I stood there thinking my search was over! Finally i noticed that it was a male.  

I just cannot accept that you are no more. What happened? Did you get run over on Diwali night? 

Did I tell you that someone has hit your sister Sher on the eye. She hasn't been able to open her eye fully but it's getting better. She's barking away right now outside. She isn't eating bread nowadays, I have to get her to drink milk at night. It's been a severe winter this year. The cold started in November itself which hasn't happened in a long time. If you are alive, you must be starving and shivering somewhere.

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