Monday, December 10, 2012

Searched the NP Park

I am no longer able to decide where to search for you. So today, I went back to that huge park opposite the R-block District Park, which is next to the Nehru Place metro. I had earlier done one round of it.

I was surprised to find that there was a huge part I had missed out. When one takes a right from the part which opens out to the ISKON temple, there is a path going further down (or up). As one goes down that path, (it actually goes up, iirc) its almost as if one is in a different world, or one has stepped back in time a few centuries. There are paths that are not paved, but are quite wide, and are lined with bushes. With the greenery around it, it's almost how paths and roads may have been ages ago. 

It goes past the Lotus Temple (which is on the right). I kept following that till it finally seemed to come to some government or municipal office which looked like it could have been in some remote region. And there was a broken exit into some colony or area. I retracted and then went around the Lotus Temple part and once again the path led to some exit. It was now paved at some parts which was disappointing.

(I had the PON audio on)

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