Friday, November 30, 2012

Searched Panchsheel etc

Today I drove through most of the Panchsheel Enclave area looking for you. Then I parked the car next to the petrol pump on the main road, and walked on the opposite side of the road outside the Gas agency and nursery towards the intersection. then returned and took a round of the large park whistling for you.

Crossed the road and walked past the car, there's a kuccha road (on the left of the petrol pump) leading to a Madrasa. The road goes by the nullah.

In Panchsheel there was one dog whose face was just like yours. But his tan was too light, and he was older. He ignored me totally as I bent over and inspected him/her and talked to him. I was hoping against all hope that suddenly it would turn out to be you.

Beloved one, wherever you are, may you be well. I hope there is someone taking care of you. In the large park, near the entrance is the gardener's shack, or maybe a taxi stand. There was a female who had given a healthy looking litter. I think those people are taking care of them and giving her some food. I was thankful that people do take care of pups, although all that changes once they grow up.

I don't even know whether you are dead or alive. I will never know unless you come back. What a heavy punishment this is for me!

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