Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gabbar playing with brother (old)

This is an old picture of the brown brother playing with Gabbar (I think). Usually he played with Sher Singh ji a lot. Those were the days when I could pick up both of them together when they wandered off. There were even times, when I could pick up all three together. Then they grew larger, and one would slide down, so I had to do two and one separately.

The other day, I picked up Sher and found she was really heavy. Sher isn't much into hugs or jumping onto me. The missing one, Gabbar, was the one who came running up to me and would jump onto me. Then Sher would come running and jump on Gabbar. I would usually have to search for Sher. She would always be sleeping in someone's house or under some parked car. Gabbar was always around and quick to come when I called.

The slightest sound of my car (the remote opening) and Gabbar Singh Ji would come running from the other lane. Oh, Gabbar, how can you possibly live without all this, without your family and me.

Or are you no longer alive, watching all this from "above". Watching me searching for you. Whatever happened that night, that fateful night. If only I had known, I would never have gone anywhere on Diwali. Diwali shall always be a black day for me ... unless you return.

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