Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visited Frendicoes and Animal India Trust

Today I went to Frendicoes and the Jal Vihar Animal India Trust. I gave them a poster with my contact and a picture of you when you were 4 months old (the same pic in the previous post).

Outside of Frendicoes was a dog that looked very much like you except that after much examination and prodding revealed a white tipped tail. She was fast asleep and groggy and showed no interest in me. I still had to make sure it was not you. Her nails were white and her ear was cut. Her face was slightly different too. But as I drove by, and as I approached her, it almost looked like it was you.
(Picture showing both missing one (left) and sister)

After how close we have been, it is impossible to imagine that you may not be alive. Twice I gave up Raja for dead, and twice he came back. Once when he was run over and a neighbour took him to the hospital. I found him 2 days later bandaged up in someone's driveway. Then recently during the mating season when he twice vanished for 5 days. The second time he was nowhere to be found. He came back neutered, so he had been picked up by MCD and taken to their shelter for those days.

Will I be as lucky with you, dear little one? I am hoping someone will report you to MCD and you will land up at one of these 2 places. And see the poster.

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