Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dear God

Dear God

Please protect my dear little one. All day long I wonder where she is. And how she is. Is anyone ill-treating her. Is anyone feeding her? Is she starving?

Is she being hounded by dogs? Is she hurt, is she badly bitten? How I long to hug her. I remember how a week before her running away, I came back from Noida. She was sitting there on the sand opposite our flat, staring at me as I took stuff out of the car. I put everything in, and then came running out and smothered her. Both Gabbar and Sher were sitting on the dhobi's table. I hugged you both at the same time. Even being away for two hours was like a life-time.

God, I don't know why you separated Gabbar from me. But please take care of her. She is your child after all.

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