Friday, November 23, 2012

Searching the jungle behind GK-1 ...

Today I walked in the jungle. I've never really followed it to the end. If I walk up-stream in the direction of R-block, after some time, the embankments stop. If you had fallen into the nullah on Diwali night and waded up-stream, you could have crawled out the this point. I hopped over the stream but there was no walkable area there. Just lots of undergrowth. If you have come out here, you would have gone very far from there by now.

Then I walked back and continued upstream. Again had you waded downstream, you could have climbed out where the large park next to Krishi-Vihar starts. You could have gone in there, or run down to the road leading to the BRT corridor. I walked down that road where they are covering up the nullah. I did walk down this road last week. So once again, R-block and Pamposh Enclave is an option.  You could have reached there either from behind, or from the side road. At night the gates would have shut, so even if you tried you could not have come back. Similarly, if you had run to the mainroad and come out of Gate I, you could have gone somewhere to the BRT corridor area or crossed over to the park (I think Jahanpanah park).

However, i think it's more likely you ran somewhere to M-block or C-block and then went running further. It's even possible that you from the nullah you waded downstream, and then took a left, and got out, and crossed the road into Panchsheel.

I need to put posters in C and M block, R-block, Pamposh, Panchsheel, and even outside that other park.

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