Monday, November 26, 2012

Searched beyond BRT

Yesterday afternoon I put some posters around the C-Block park, and I think the Raman Munjal Park. Today morning i crossed the BRT and checked Sadiq Nagar, and walked through some of the Jahanpanna (?) forest/park (that is opposite Sama Hospital/Nursing Home). It's a huge place, and quite desolate. Not likely you would have stayed there, You would be looking for a market or crowd where you can get some food.

On the way back, i drove past N-block market and inside i spotted a dog looking just like you who seemed to look up. I ran in, but it was a male, older and quite fat. The face was slightly different and he seemed puzzled at the attention although he did wag his tail slightly. But for some moments, I thought it was you. I expect you to spring up with joy upon seeing me.

Attached is a pic of one of you, not sure which one, but could be you when you were one month old (in December 2011). This is where you were born, inside that ditch, which to me has always been a holy place, the place where i found my heaven, and the greatest joy this universe afforded me -- you.

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