Thursday, November 29, 2012

Searched for you in CR Park, Kalkaji, Kailash Col, M/N block markets ...

I decided I should try checking in the early morning, since the roads may be empty and my car horn will be heard easily by you. But at 7:30 am, the roads were full of hurtling, blaring school buses, taxis etc. Anyway, I drove to CR Park, and slowly inched at 20 kmph, I landed up in Kalkaji, and then at Nehru Place. I went through Nehru Place, and then onto Kailash Colony market, which led me to Jamrudpur, and then N Block market, and then M-block market. I also swung around the BRT area and the area next to the nullah.

If only I had a clue where you are. All these places are huge, with myriad lanes and alleys. You could be anywhere. I might have driven or walked within a hundred yards of you and not known.

I still have to check Panchsheel, maybe Andrews Ganj, South Extension market, and maybe GK-II.

(Pic of the three of you when you were a month old. The one unable to climb out of the ditch is Sher Singh, who is still with me.)

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