Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Searching N and other blocks

Today afternoon I walked through N block, parts of R-block, Kailash Colony market and the road going around, which faces Nehru Place. I noticed to my dismay that posters I had put up in R block have been taken off, while all the political posters are still untouched. There are still so many lanes I could not walk through. I left the car outside the C-block park and then walked through N block. Then left it outside the R-block district park and walked through the other areas.

Your sister, Sher Singh, is not eating well nowadays, even the mother doesn't eat well. Sher Singh has lost her companion and play-mate and just sleeps in some corner. Even I am getting irritable and disheartened as hope diminishes day by day, I hardly spend time with the three. I still can't believe that this universe could have given you to me, and then suddenly taken you away like that.
(Pic taken on Feb 7th, when you were all 3 months old. Sher Singh looking at me, while you (Gabbar) wrestle with your brother)

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