Monday, December 11, 2017

Found you ... five years later !!!

Yesterday, after over five years, I found you sleeping on the divider on a main road, opposite the Pamposh Enclave garbage dump.

I talked to you, but you did not respond. Finally you looked up and got frightened, and backed off. You tried to cross the road, a lot of traffic. So i backed off, and then you returned to your spot.

I was not sure it was you.

I got some Tiger biscuits from Mehta Stores, and dropped a few near you. You suddenly looked up, and flinched. So I backed off and came away.

Your ear has been snipped. You look sad and forlorn.

I walked home with a heavy heart, trying to process this. You have been on the run for five years. No human contact except being picked up by MCD  and having your ear snipped. You are afraid of human contact now.

The last time we were together I put morsels of bread and milk in your mouth. That was how I fed you and your sister. You would see me and come running to me and jump on my trousers. You were so happy then.

All evening and night I was thinking of you. It rained at night and I was wondering where you were.

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