Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 3 after finding you (KECSS)

Today I came to see you for the 3rd day since finding you.

You were sleeping on the center divide as always. Strangely, the black and tan male who sits on the side opposite the dump, next to some people there, he came over and sniffed my hand and sat next to me. He followed me about. What an irony, i thought. He makes friends with me in a day but you still avoid me !

I shook him off and crossed to the divider and put some biscuits by you. You were afraid and again tried to get away so I backed off. Then you curled up again. The dog saw you and was trying to cross the road to get to you. I think he was going to come at you as he was jealous that I was paying you attention. But the traffic was too much, he could not cross.

So i came away and went around R-block a bit and bought some medicines for Mum. I came back and you had crossed over to the dump.

I offered you some biscuits but you would back off. At one point you did come forward and sniff them after I had moved away but you did not have it.

I followed you around quite a bit.

Then I found you close to the side of the Kashmir Cultural Center (slightly away from the dump). I tried to give you some biscuits but you sniffed and rejected it. But you were wagging your tail a bit as i called you. I did take some videos of you walking around.

Then (perhaps you were avoiding me) you struggled to get yourself under the gate of the KECSS, you finally got through and went in, and crossed over into the lawn. It was a nice quiet secluded area. You rolled around in the grass, got up, shook yourself and then walked further. The gates were closed from this side, so i could not enter.

I was glad you had a nice clean quiet spot to be by yourself, away from the traffic and pollution. Then you went out of view.

I came away. You did seem to respond a bit when I whistled but you were not able to make out, and were afraid.

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