Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 9 after finding you

Today, dearest one you were at the dump itself.
You were wandering around looking for something but unable to find anything. I parked myself at the far end, but you moved towards the intersection end.

I watched from there but then moved to your side. You had come quite near the intersection and were looking around.

I stood outside the toilet. I tried to shoot a video but seems only the beginning and end got shot.

At one time you walked past me. I called out and whistled. You stopped and looked around and perhaps tried to figure out where the whistling was coming from. Do you remember the whistling ?

You were wagging your tail for most of the time you were wandering around. You do that quite a lot it seems. You walked past me, giving me a look and then went on back to the far side.

I came away and was to come back after a round but it became late and i did not return after the round of R block. If i had some food of your liking, you might have had it as you walked by.

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