Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 5 after finding you

As usual you were asleep on the divider when I came around 3:15 or 20. I took a walk around the neighbouring colonies and enclaves and R-block, and finally came back around 4:30 or so.

You were on the dump side, eating by the wall, just under the sign that said "Samovar". Frequently as you ate and walked around, you wagged your tail. One other large, black dog came around but said nothing to you. None of the dogs here seem to disturb you, so now I am wondering that you might have been here for longer.

You did see me and avoided me. At one time you seemed to hesitate to come to my side since you saw me.

Then I walked across, going by you and only then did you go over to the KECSS side. So i think you were wary of going to the side I was on.

Then after taking a bite, you curled up on the dump side and I left.

Prior to this, you did try crossing over to the divider. You hesitated several times in between and came back, then finally made it to the divider, then immediately came back.

I took no pics today as my phone battery was dead. I came back dejected. Seems you are now getting wary of me as someone to be avoided. Seems there is no progress at all.

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