Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 7 after finding you

As usual when I came, you were asleep on the divider.

I took a round of the R block district park and returned from the Chirag Enclave exit. You were coming from the GK Enclave - I side, crossing the road. I recognized you and followed you back. You crossed over to the dump and looked around for food.

Seems there was no food today. Maybe you have done a round inside the colony earlier. I stood around, took a few pics. You ignored me and walked around quite aimlessly. At one point as you walked by I whistled but you ignored me. Then it seemed you were keenly listening wondering where the sound was coming from. At one stage you looked back at me.

Then finally you crossed the road and curled up again.

Everyday, I tell your sister and your mother about you, that I have found you and that you are not recognizing me, and that you are afraid of me.

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