Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 2 after finding you

Today in the afternoon, I once again came to the spot. You were sleeping on the same divider. I took some photos. I put some biscuits near you and stood a few feet away.

You picked one piece hesistantly, dropping it several times before finally eating it. Then you ate one or two more near you. I took a video of you eating. I reached out and placed a few more biscuits near you. You immediately got up and tried to cross the road.

I backed off and waited.

Then you crossed over to the side of the garbage dump and began rummaging through some garbage bags.

I followed you but stood at a distance and watched. You were a bit frightened of people who came close. But you also wagged your tail as you ate. You brought some pieces of food quite close to me and sat under a wheel-barrow and ate them.

I whistled to you and you did seem a tad interested, but did not look at me. Perhaps you looked at the garbage men near you.

Some time later, you began following a garbage man who was cycling away towards the crossing. But just then Bhuwal (our garbage man) came on his cycle and you turned around, got confused and then just waited there.

You stood around. Then you went back to the divider. Then you stood on the road with traffic whizzing by, crossed it back to the dump, at some more. Then you crossed back and stood on the road till a car came very close forcing you to get back onto the divider.

I waited and watched for quite some time.

I am deeply grateful that you are alive and also that you are not mauled or wounded or starved. You look pretty good. You do look six years old, with some non-black hair on your back. But then even your sister (from the same litter) has been showing some lighter coloured hair here and there for more than a year.

But it is still painful to think you have been running for five years and not found a corner in some residential place. I know that your family will not accept you and will attack you, so bringing you back is not an easy thing.
But sadly, now after five years, even you have forgotten this area and all of us. So it wont be home for you, but another strange place.

What does the future hold ?

Will you again wander off somewhere and be lost forever, and I never knowing what happened ?

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